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Roy Sharples on Entrepreneurship

September 11, 2021 Attitude. Imagination. Execution. Season 1 Episode 73
Unknown Origins
Roy Sharples on Entrepreneurship
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Roy Sharples provides perspective on why Entrepreneurs are innovators with an insatiable curiosity to light the way into the future by creating solutions to real-life problems we didn't know existed but cannot live without once realized. How they  break through the status quo to find new horizons by moving, shaking and disrupting the world by mastering the art and science of conjuring up and bringing ideas to life that create value. Thriving in transformative change by tapping into their inner grit and persistence, and stay the course.

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Roy Sharples:

Hello, I'm Roy Sharples, and welcome to the unknown origins podcast. Why are you listening to this podcast? Are you an industry expert? Looking for insights? are you growing your career? Or are you a dear friend helping to spur your pylon, I created the unknown origins podcast, to have the most inspiring conversations with creative industry personalities and experts about entrepreneurship, pop culture, art, music and film and fashion. Entrepreneurs are innovators with an insatiable curiosity to light the way into the future by creating solutions to real life problems we didn't know existed, but cannot live without once realized. They break through the status quo to find new horizons by moving shaking and disrupting the world by mastering the art and science of conjuring up and bringing ideas to life, like create value, thriving and transformative change by tapping into their inner grit and persistence and staying the course. The 10 principles for entrepreneurship are: #1 having a viable business with a clearly differentiated value proposition is priority number one. Know your industry and business have an effective strategy with a clear value proposition. Understand and adapt to market changes are gently and rigorously execute that speed. hold yourself accountable for your actions and have a social conscience and empathy for the environment by continuously managing innovation. That power is the products you design, make, sell and the businesses you run. We exist in time where change is constant. to adopt, grow and flourish. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of your markets ever evolving needs and preferences so that you can make changes to your approach. The golden rule is to avoid the Deadly Sins of complacency and greed kicking in like a debt that you can't cure. Don't take the cowardly way and Cave innstead, stand on shakingly aware and resilient by constantly keeping perspective evolving and innovating. Why? In general, people can be shiftless and self gratifying, and as a result, the future will leave them behind. This is because they can self destruct through access and become victims of their own success by cultivating destructive habits and complacency. avoid at all costs, falling asleep at the wheel, getting permanently drunk on your own Kool Aid. surrounding yourself with B and C players getting lazy and bloated, where you can't see the wood for the trees and all the beasts of prey and making ego based decisions. Xerox missed the opportunity because of self inflicted fixed mindset curtailed its ability to grow and evolve due its inability to commercialize its products due to its inability to commercialize its products. Kodak's complacency from its dominance of the traditional photography market, led to it missing the shift to online photo sharing blackberry sank from owning over half of the American and a fifth of the global smartphone market to zero. blockbuster monopolize the video rental market until Netflix disrupted it by adapting the customer needs and technological changes. N #2 find the future through sustained business model innovation. Seek to radically innovate by introducing new ways of doing things by disrupting existing or creating new markets for your invention. This models and surpasses an existing business model, and the status quo that surrounds it. In the business continuum, this typically equates to taking higher risks that can offer higher returns, have more inspirational objectives, and be willing to experiment reimagine, and design for the new with fewer inhibitors. Apple experimented with a music application iTunes, it realized there was no quality mp3 player on the market, so it created its own iPod. Eventually, it D materialized its own technology by pivoting into another adjacent market smartphones with the iPhone. This led to Apple revolutionising both the music and telecommunications industries, ultimately reinventing itself from being a personal computing company, to an all encompassing consumer electronics, computer software, and online services global leader, the Tesla powerwall disrupted energy storage by using the technology that Tesla developed for its cars to branch into this new billion dollar market. Amazon pivoted from selling physical books to being a global marketplace for ebooks, and ereaders. Netflix transitioned from mailing DVDs to video streaming over the web. So unless you can continuously innovate, and provide differentiated or continually improved products, services, or experiences that delight consumers, they will soon become on interested and go elsewhere for the next best thing to fulfill their desires. Sustaining innovation means institutionalizing it as part of your team or organization's culture. Continuously delivered, end to end design through audience advocacy, new ideas and end to end thinking seek insight from your audience by getting data to help you understand the primary needs concerns, highest priorities, key expectations, and the most significant market trends. Use this valuable input to guide your approach to your product development or quality improvements. #3 take the stand against oppressive forces through authentic creative expression without fear of retaliation.T rue creatives are the outsiders looking in the rebels with a cause. They break the mold by making their own path to achieve mastery. Those who achieved greatness do not fit a formula or follow a structure. They follow their own path and manifest their inner feelings about the world by promoting their innate point of view, and using their talent to craft poetry and a world where that has only pros. They grace the world with art. Creativity entails providing something new to the world, overturning the status quo by positively impacting people's lives, and helping society add funds by making life more purposeful, engaging, and fulfilling. #4 ideas only change things by doing the work. It starts with a dream full of passion and enthusiasm that challenges the status quo. Imagine if What if and visualize to provide and bring solutions, the problems in a practical form manifested and products services or experiences that create value it is about discovering and developing insight involving divergent thinking to analyze a problem, generating ideas, constructing and critiquing a plan of action, and then bringing it to life anticipating future trends inspired by industry, developments, culture, and aesthetics, connected to emotions, imagination, and elegantly composed creative solutions by combining qualitative and quantitative research methods, practical insights and techniques and forming, framing and guiding the choices you make. #5 be masterful at your craft by making the difference. The pursuit of achieving greatness means being committed to your craft, and be exceptional artists. Achieving peak performance means self discipline, and having a mindset that guides your choices, decisions and actions, making sacrifices to learn, grow and develop Essential Skills encompassing disruptive thinking and practice to drive radical improvements in your respective domain, discipline and industry, embracing who you are knowing and capitalizing on your strengths, and living life and constant search for the fuel to inspire your creativity. By following your own path to create without frontiers. It means reaching the other side by leading toward new frontiers of unknown opportunities, unfulfilled hopes and dreams by doing things your own way and then your own style with a taste and grace needed to find a way forward for a better life and society. Applying a do it yourself sensibility to seeing the future by being adoptive persistent and resilient, and bringing new solutions that solve real problems to life. #6 recognize that failure is essential to mastery. Embrace challenges persist when confronted with setbacks continuously. Learn and keep moving forward to pursue excellence and self actualization. Learning is critical to human existence, as water and food, nourish our bodies. So to those information and knowledge fuel our minds, acquiring critical and creative thinking skills, communication skills, and collaboration is key to self growth and leading a fulfilling life. Commit to being your best every day. By performing to the maximum of your ability, and seeing challenges as opportunities to continuously learn and grow. Maintain a global view and commit to your mission. By being acutely self aware, laser focused and making sacrifices. There was long hours of honing your craft, and building your business by developing mental toughness skills are worth the price for success. #7 embrace originality and make unique connections between disparate universes past and present, to light the way into the future. Stand on the shoulders of giants by using existing knowledge by learning from the past pioneers and building upon their innovations rather than reinventing the wheel. Seek mentorship by engaging with and solicit input from industry experts and immerse yourself in the domain. positive role models share their skills, insights and expertise to nurture your talent and Accelerate Your Progress. It is essential to collaborate when exploring new ideas, finding and bringing innovative solutions collaboration is the cross pollination and sharing of knowledge across multiple domains and disciplines by combining individuals intellectual capital, and know how to accelerate ideation, co creation and innovation Marie Curie discovered radium and polonium and their contribution to finding cancer treatments. polymath Leonardo da Vinci created early designs and drawings for flying machines, human anatomy, and the first robot recorded. Henry Ford changed how people lived and moved around by making cars affordable to the everyday person. The common thread is that they were all driven by a people first approach where the ultimate outcome of what they produced, advanced humanity's well being. They are prime examples of creative leaders in their times and fields because he did things differently, rejecting failure and swimming against the tide of adversity. To break through the frontiers to provide novel solutions to complex problems we didn't know existed. They disrupted existing industries, and created brand new worlds that became the norm. #8 tomorrow belongs to those who can see it coming. Most people tend to judge something in the present by its complexity, production value, and acceptability. When its true value may lie in the future, perceive and understand the context of a novel idea or invention and how it will be used in the future. David Bowie had an uncanny ability to foresee future trends in music and fashion, and indeed, in anything he set his mind to. And he used this knack to tilt popular culture. But we was the original influencer, he accurately predicted the impact of the internet and the interview, David Bowie speaks to Jeremy Paxman on BBC News night in 1999. When he eloquently praised the nascent technology by seeing it carries the flag of being subversive, and possibly rebellious and chaotic, and that holistic Bowie was able to envision what the internet would do to transform the way music gets made by artists and experienced by audiences against resistance from music industry insiders who feeling the unknown, this the internet, but we went full out and embraced it. It's becoming more about the audience, he said. So from my standpoint, being an artist, I'd like to see what the new construction is between artists and audience. There is a breakdown, but he was able to see the unseen beyond his time using new internet services seemed far fetched for artists, but what he predicted became the norm. Musicians now make music, perform live and engage with fans online, making it accessible, affordable and convenient to experience music from anywhere at any time. #9 Lead without frontiers. The key is to make a living from doing what you love. Your life journey will be naturally littered with enriched experiences, self fulfillment, and happiness by following your passion, ignore the crowd and develop a deeper relationship between your inner self and your purpose in life, and follow it with instinct and mission by being authentic. lead with conviction and confidence and stay true to yourself. Blend the art and science of the creative process, dream, make and do iteratively and constantly realizing that the alchemy lies in bringing it to life with purpose and impact. details matter as those agility to read pivot quickly and effectively throughout the ups and downs of your entrepreneurial journey. #10 it is all about attitude, imagination, and execution. Follow your heart and do what you love. by falling in love with your craft, pursue it with intensity, and be exceptional artists. Everything you need is already inside of you. free yourself from others expectations and walk away from the games and boundaries they impose upon you. Only you know your true worth realizing your full potential to live a fulfilled life means unleashing and applying your creative power to do and excel what you love. Remember, our outputs are the next generations inputs that comes with accountability and responsibility to pass the baton to the next generation by leaving the world in better shape than you found it. So make it count. You have been listening to the Unknown Origins podcast. Please follow subscribe, rate and review us. For more information go to unknownorigins.com Thank you for listening!